The Wonders of Time Travel

I have a confession to make…if i could travel back in time, I probably would not go to the Middle Ages. It’s not that I don’t like the Middle Ages (obviously), but I think I suffer from too much knowledge–the plagues, the conditions for women, and the frequency of warfare have all dissuaded me from attempting anything more than observing the period from afar. Instead, I’d be more likely to visit imperial Vienna of the 19th century or ancient Ephesus.

There are a few intrepid souls out there, however, who are ready to take on the Middle Ages, including some wonderful kids participating in a Google Doodle Drawing competition. Kaziah from Vermont, for example, drew the following precisely because of the danger and excitement often associated with the Middle Ages:

Google Dragon Doodle

This entry celebrates the knightly culture, sieges, and adventures popularly associated with the Middle Ages. (

while another entrant, Cynthia, wanted to experience the great exploratory voyages of the Vikings first hand:

Viking Google Doodle

The Vikings were great sailors and explorers, but also traded and raided and slaved their way across Europe. (

These examples are only a few of the great artworks on display, so head on over to the competition page, take a look, and maybe vote for your favourites! Have some place from the past (or even future) that you’d like to visit? Then let me know in the comments!


14 thoughts on “The Wonders of Time Travel

  1. That’s a hard one! So many places and thousands of years to choose from. Renaissance Florence perhaps? Of course wherever and whenever I went I would have to be wealthy as the experience of those with money and those without could be so vastly different!

    • For sure! Florence would definitely be an unforgettable experience, with all of the artists and thinkers and wealthy merchant families, but as you say, the inequality in the city would be staggering.

  2. I’m Kaziah’s Mom – (search engines are amazing!!!). That is our little girl’s trip to the Middle Ages – she loves drawing castles and dragons. She gave a funny interview to the news about her drawing and win. I know she would love all the votes she can get….Vermont is a small state and she goes to a pretty rural school – so it’s tough to compete with the big schools in big states! Thanks! 🙂

  3. For me, it’d have to be one of these three. Some a just temporal tourism though:
    – Tenochtitlán about 1500: Just to see what the city looked like, the human sacrifice rather counts against it… According to the conquistadores, it was incredibly beautiful. There’s an obvious disease-related ethical issue here, though.
    – 6th-century Constantinople: Well, obviously! Plague be damned!
    – Early 20th-century Berlin: The Berlin of Marlene Dietrich, Isherwood and Walter Benjamin has always fascinated me.

    • Excellent choices! I think all of the mesoamerican cities would have been fantastic to see in their heyday, but the location of Tenochtitlan on the lake would probably have been the most spectacular.

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