Friday Photo: Queribus Castle

Today’s friday photo depicts the Chateau de Queribus, one of the many fortresses which guarded the borders–or March–between French and Spanish lands in the Pyrennees. Althtough the castle’s location is it’s most spectacular feature, it has several other points of interest. Rising above three tiers of outer ramparts, Queribus was adapted first for cross-bowmen, and then for artillery, and may have taken as few as 15 men to defend. The castle’s main building, the keep, is built to a strange polygonal shape, and has a few beautifying details like a mullioned window and a gothic chamber, with ribs carved to represent tree-branches. Like Peyrepertuse, Queribus’ neighbour across the valley, this castle sheltered Cathars during the Albigensian Crusade, and was the last such shelter to fall into the crusaders’ hands. During the hot days of peak toursit season, however, it is nearly impossible to imagine living in, let alone fighting over, such an inaccessible spot.


4 thoughts on “Friday Photo: Queribus Castle

    • Thanks! I was on my own for this one, as my travelling companion refused to join me on the walk up, but I thought the views were well worth the effort!

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