Friday Photo: The Poet of Konya

Today’s friday photo depicts the 13th century shrine to and tomb of Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi situated in the city of Konya, in central Turkey. During Rumi’s lifetime, Konya served as the capital for the powerful Seljuk Sultanate of Rum, established after the extended westward migration of the Seljuk Turks which infused the landscape of Asia Minor with the cultural accomplishment of the central Islamic lands. For this reason, it was an ideal city for Rumi, a respected religious and intellectual figure whose own land of origin–the area of Balk, in modern Afghanistan–was under an increasing threat from the Mongols as the century progressed. Writing in the lingua franca of his day–Persian–Rumi influenced the literary traditions of regions as far afield as Turkey and India, a fact reflected in the popularity of his shrine for pilgrims even today.

One thought on “Friday Photo: The Poet of Konya

  1. Sufism deserves a word in this but otherwise quite correct. Turkey has some of the most fascinating history combined with nearly unimpeded access to archeological sites unlike anywhere else I’ve been outside of Mongolia.

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