Friday Photo: The Northern Line

First of all, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all of those joining us for the first time through Freshly Pressed! I really enjoyed reading all of your comments and good wishes, so thank you all for reading!

Charing CrossToday’s Friday Photo depicts a mural of mediaeval craftsmen found throughout the Charing Cross station on the London Underground’s Northern Line. The name of this station (as with so much of London’s geography) dates back to the Middle Ages, and reveals a very different side of Edward I than that we met with earlier this week. In fact, the ‘Cross’ refers to twelve memorial crosses which were commissioned by King Edward I following the death of his wife Eleanor in 1290. They marked the route of her funeral procession, which wound from Lincoln down to London, and were meant to invoke prayers for the departed queen’s soul. Although only three (and not the original Charing cross) survive today, we can gauge from such a massive artistic undertaking the depth of love offered to Eleanor by her husband–even though she never managed to inspire such affection from her subjects. The modern murals depict all the bustle and confusion of these mediaeval artisans at work.

2 thoughts on “Friday Photo: The Northern Line

  1. Hi, I have joined you through freshly pressed – Spend a lot of time photography Scottish Castle which is what indicated to me that we may have something in common – so I will look forward to catching up with you blog, best regards Scott

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