Academic Portfolio

Below, I have provided links to a selection of my academic work for those of you who are interested in more formal historical pieces. Please, do not copy or distribute them in any way. (Students, is so much smarter than that….)

On Britain:

Do we get a better sense of the life of fifth-century bishops from the Vita Germani or from Patrick’s Confessio? (2010)

Looking principally at Lifris’ Vita Cadoci and Culhwch ac Olwen, to what extent can we equate mediaeval Welsh ideals of sainthood and heroism? (2011)

To what extent does the Third Branch of the Mabinogi and Gerald’s The Description of Wales present opposing views of the colonial experience of mediaeval Wales? (2012)

Was Gildas a Saint without a Cult? (2012)

On Continental Europe:

Were the Visigothic kings or their councillors more influential in defining kingship in the seventh century? (2010)

On the Near East:

Was the Abbasid Revolution a contest between Arabs and Persians? (2009)

What was the role of the Ottoman state in world politics in the sixteenth century? (2011)

What does The History Attributed to Sebeos tell us about Armenian society? (2011)

To what extent may Safavid Iran be considered a theocracy? (2012)

Research Pieces:

Converting the Qaghan: Ancestry, Ideology, and the Evolving Expression of Political Legitimacy in the Uighur Empire (744-840) (Undergraduate dissertation, 2012)

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